Arrow Turrets

Defend your base with turrets. You can filter it to only kill certain mobs or as many as you like.

Auto Farmer

Automate your farming.


Automate your mining.

Energy Management

Control your power sources for your machines

Energy Poles

Distribute energy to machines thats far away from a power source.

Defend your base with turrets, automate everything from farming to mining, manage your energy and distrubute to where its neede​d​ using machines available from season 2

This adds the ability to cut down an entire tree if you break the base of the tree. This eliminates the time it takes to cut down trees for wood however it will still damage your axe as if you broke each block.

This feature ​spawns a chest with the dropped items from your inventory upon death at the location you died. This gives you extra time to collect your items.

One player sleep

You can skip the night with only 1 player sleeping. You are saved from mobs, how lucky...

/afk  This alerts the whole server that you are afk

/balance -  See your balance

/pay [player] [amount] -  Pay a player

/sell hand - Sell whatever you're holding in thy hand

/setcoords -  Save custom private coordinates

/listcoords -  See all saved coords

/seecoords -  See the coords of a specific saved place

/removecoords -  Removed a saved place

2200, 70, 2300

Bad Lands
2130, 90, 2050

Lush cave
2000, 32, 1900

Jungle Forest
2100, 75, 1800

Taiga Biome
1850, 80, 1900

Spruce Forest
-1580, 75, 150

Ice Biome
-1800, 80, 230